Small Goldfish Bowl Candy Gift

Goldfish Bowl

Large and small size goldfish bowls housing mini Chupa Chup lollipop goldfish, raspberry bon bons and raspberry bombs on a sea of …

Sunflower & Bees Candy Gift

Sunflower & Bees

Something to brighten up your day – sunflowers made with salted caramel truffles & fizzy lemon petals, with cola ball bees decorated …

Home Sweet Home Sweet Tree

Home Sweet Home Sweet Tree

A perfect house warming gift for a sweet-toothed fan. Our Home Sweet Home candy tree made with a chocolate brownie house, crushed …

Prawn Dumpling Candies

‘Prawn Dumpling’ Candy Gift

Little sweet treats – a mixture of  jelly bellies, fuzzy peaches and strawberry foam wrapped in a translucent chocolate fondant skin and …

Jellybean Halloween Pumpkin

Halloween Jellybean Pumpkin

We created a special treat this Halloween with our orange flavoured jelly bean candy pumpkin with apple flavoured stalk. A special treat for all …

Candy Flower Lollipops

Candy Cake Pop Flowers

Gorgeous candy cake pop flowers make a beautiful and delicious alternative to fresh flowers.